About Us


Quality centric approach towards making tradional and contemporary fashion jewellery depicting our rich Indian heritage.There by creating an everlasting trust and building brand loyalty amongst our niche customers.


AB CREATIONS founded by ALPA SHAH and BHARAT SHAH in the year 2014.Bharat Shah brings in expertise of over 30 years in the field of real and fashion jewellery.His vast experience in creating real diamonds jewellery is being leveraged in making master pieces beaded jewellery. A perfect substitute to Real Gem stone jewellery.

AB CREATIONS keeping with quality consistency in making tradional and western beaded jewellery,with unique concept in designing will  create it's cutomers seeking quality products.

We give you an opportunity to shop from the comforts of your home/offices.through our website having complete information of our products.

We also exclusively retail through participating in leading exhibitions through out the country.

AB CREATIONS wanting to spread its wings is looking for partner in overseas market.